Title: Turn, Book One of the Humanity's Edge Trilogy
Series: Humanity's Edge Trilogy #1
Published by: Global Endeavor Publishing
Release Date: May 30th, 2017
Contributors: Paul B Kohler
Genre: ,
Pages: 294
ISBN13: 978-1940740171


Clay Dobbs has an ideal life coupled with a remarkable job: Long-time sheriff of Carterville, and loyal husband of 19 years. Everything changes though when an egomaniacal military man storms in, barking orders for immediate evacuation. Sheriff Clay is tasked with maintaining order in his utopian town, rounding up reluctant evacuees . . . and for killing the Crazed. His very moral fiber is challenged with every step of the way until they are all gone. In the end, will he make it out the same man he was before, or will he be Turned?

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