Recoil: A Silo Story

Wool, hugh howey, paul b kohler, sci-fiTitle: Recoil: A Silo Story
Published by: Global Endeavor Publishing
Release Date: July 27, 2018
Contributors: Paul B Kohler
Genre: , ,
Pages: 85


Recoil: A Silo Story is a short story written in Hugh Howey’s world of Wool.

In a silo where cleanings are a cause for celebration and are handled by a crew of teenage boys, a hazing initiation goes horribly wrong. The silo leadership hunts for the boys to clean – this time without the safety of the silo waiting for them when they finish.

The story is told through the eyes of two teenage girls: Petra and Tavi. Enamored with the cleaning crew, they find themselves on the wrong side of an extravagant manhunt. Unfortunately, they don’t find out what’s really happening in the silo until the final, deadly confrontation.

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