Perplexia: A Crystal Medallion Short Story

crystal medallion, amnesia, supernatural, time travel, out of bodyTitle: Perplexia: A Crystal Medallion Short Story
Published by: Global Endeavor Publishing
Release Date: February 23, 2018
Contributors: Paul B Kohler
Genre: , , ,
Pages: 43


Who is Evan Mitchell? Is he a doctor, or a mechanic? An author or a cruise director? A terrorist or a thief? Your guess is as good as his.

His mind bending adventure begins when he materializes in a most unusual place with no idea how he got there. His identity is a mystery, and besides the need to discover his very existence, there's nothing that he wants more than to break free from his unforced confinement. His only obstacle: fear of the unknown ... and his lack of clothing.

Perplexia is a place halfway between confusion and hysteria, and it's where Evan begins his psychological journey. Along the way, he'll discover more about himself and his past. He'll race against time-and the odds stacked against him-to find the loved ones that he uncontrollably left behind.

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