The Alpha Plague

Do you have a plan for the apocalypse?

Rhys doesn't.

But as he watches chaos spill from the Alpha tower, he knows one thing for sure ...

He must get to his son before the virus does.

If you like high stakes and edge of your seat action in a post-apocalyptic world, then The Alpha Plague is for you. Get it now to join Rhys at ground zero as he tries to save his loved ones and survive a disaster that will leave the world changed forever.


5 Stars - I loved this book from beginning to end. - Amazon customer.

5 Stars - I immediately got the next in the series, I was hooked. - Amazon customer.

5 Stars - The writing makes you feel like you are right there with the characters. Highly recommend! - Amazon customer.

Thorns of Fae

Beauty is only skin deep, but Wyld goes to the bone.

The Test of Fae left Sarah disfigured inside and out. Not only is her humanity being stripped away from her bit by bit, but now she can only see the wild monster she’s becoming on the outside.

A new and frightening problem arises: a deep mind fog controls Sarah’s reactions forcing her compliance at the most inopportune times. Deston’s presence is the only key to solving the puzzle.

With two challenges, left can Sarah and Janice fight back the enveloping darkness long enough for Sarah to take her seat on the Stone Throne or will Nikki kill her and rule? What if the only path to the throne is to unearth a dark secret from the past and end the rule of Wyld?

Blood and Roses

The police are at Max's door, and not for any of the reasons he would have thought.

When a college friend is murdered, Max is pulled into the investigation as police flounder to find the real killer. However, when Max discovers his friend died while searching for his missing daughter, Naomi, he realizes something more sinister is afoot.

Max picks up the trail where his friend left off, tracking Naomi through an underbelly of sex, prostitutes, and human slavery.

Deadly foes litter the trail in front of him on his desperate search, and this time, he's not sure he'll reach his target before they stop him. Permanently.

Buy Blood and Roses today.