The Borrowed Souls

Title: The Borrowed Souls
Published by: Global Endeavor Publishing
Release Date: December 31, 2015
Contributors: Paul B Kohler
Genre: , , ,
Pages: 394
ISBN13: 978-1940740140


What comes next?

Is it Heaven or Hell?

Neither, it’s much different than he’d ever imagined.

Jack had an extraordinary wife and a modest apartment. The job was mediocre, but who loved their job? So, why wasn’t he happy?

Each day was an emotional roller-coaster for Jack.

When he is betrayed in the worst way, he tries to end it all.

He should have stuck it out.

What he found–after he tried to kill himself–shook him to the core. A job awaited on the other side, one he didn’t want, and wasn’t prepared for, and the payout was knowledge about the worst thing imaginable … his life.

Was there anything worse?

Jack is the new soul collector. For each soul he collects, a layer of his own life is peeled away, and he must face the reality of what he truly had. Can he handle what he learns?

Actions have consequences.

You’ll love this riveting occult suspense horror story, because of the depth of the characters and the twists you’ll never see coming.

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