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The Crazed are flesh-hungry monsters. Can civilization survive … and escape from the Edge of Humanity?

3 books & nearly 800 pages of non-stop zombie action that readers are calling “fresh” with “dollops of violence” to satisfy even the most discriminating post-apocalyptic fan. From an Amazon bestselling author.








What Readers Are Saying

My Sister’s Keeper:

This story is awesome !! I love to read mystery, suspense, thriller books and to have all of that in one book is just fantastic. I found myself reading it about 7 times – I think you could write another story about Alice, I know I would buy the book !!!

Entire Anthology:

This author is an expert at short story writing, his creativity, and wild imagination will take the reader on a reading experience that will not be quickly forgotten. These stories often appear in his newsletters that his followers get to download each month. Each story being a nugget of excitement and something to look forward to …

Words That Were Left Behind:

This is a very exciting and suspenseful story that I really enjoyed reading very much. It has an air of mystery that you can draw different conclusions to but at the same time, you want everything to be alright with Yvonne and Mick. 

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