Turn, Book One of The Humanity’s Edge Trilogy goes into Kindle Scout

Today, I am one step closer to my next Kindle Scout campaign. I say ‘next’ because I’ve already been down this path once before, back in May of last year. I wrote and submitted my novel The Hunted Assassin to the program, but it was, unfortunately, unsuccessful. It was a great experience, though, and I vowed back then that I’d try my hand again at penning something worthy of their selection. Hence, what brings me here today. I’ve submitted my next novel to the Kindle Scout program, and it’s now LIVE!

Now, a little about the book, and the process. The title of the submitted novel is: Turn, Book One of the Humanity’s Edge Trilogy. You should be seeing the cover over there to the side. It’s a beauty, right? Anyway, the idea for the story came out of an erotic fantasy dream I had several years ago. Without going into too much detail (of the dream, because I still want to keep this somewhat of a PG site), the main character lived in a small mountain town with his wife and children. Life is good for them, until an apocalyptic moment comes along, and assures that the town would be lost forever and needed to be evacuated. A handful of the town residents stayed back to make sure everyone evacuated. Little did they know when they agreed to stay, they’d be victims of the town’s destruction. Shortly after the town was evacuated, there were three or four survivors. They soon realized they would die. The man and a few other stragglers and two single women would gather at the local bar to try and drown their sorrows. The dream ended with the final four dying with the town, but not after some hanky-panky ensued.

Ok, that’s not at all how my novel ended up. The premise of the evacuation stayed put, but that’s about it. The dream was just fodder for the creativity in my mind. Here’s the blurb I’ve used for the story submission:

Clay Dobbs has a perfect life coupled with an unparalleled job: Long-time sheriff of Carterville, and loyal husband of 19 years. Everything changes though when an egomaniacal military man storms in, barking orders for evacuation. The Sheriff is tasked with maintaining peace in his utopian town, rounding up reluctant expatriates, and for killing the Crazed. Into this world, he’s thrown with no lifeline to speak of. In the end, will he make it out the same man he was before, or will he be Turned?

Now, as I wrote this first book, I started to realize that to tell the story completely, I’d need more than 200,000 words. Not at all what I wanted to tackle this year. So, I decided to introduce the trilogy approach. Turn turned into Turn, Detour, and Reversion! That’s all three in the series, and the story is a wild ride. Oh, and there’s zombies … but we don’t call them zombies. They’re called Crazed in my book because I didn’t want to overdue the zombie name too much. It might be in there once or twice, but that’s it. The rest of the time, the Crazed are out for blood, and they have a secret! But, that secret won’t be fully revealed until Books two and three are published. Sorry about that. Until then, you can see all three book covers together to sooth your desires to know how it all ends.

The good news, though, is all three of the Humanity’s Edge Trilogy will be published this year. Book one is already complete and has been submitted to Kindle Scout. Book two is written and is in the process of a few rewriting sessions. Book three is completely outlined but has not been started. By the time the Scout campaign wraps up, and it’s published, Book two will have been edited, and Book three will be in the rewriting process. My goal is to publish each succeeding book about two months after the last one. That way, nobody will have to wait too terribly long for the next part of the story.

Now, here’s where things could change: If Turn gets selected for publication, I may decide to increase the speed of the remaining two books. Only so that I can capitalize on Amazon’s push of their new shiny book. If a contract is not extended, I’ll leave the schedule as it is, and then focus on combining everything into a bundle sometime next year. And for that, here’s the bundle cover concept. Pretty snazzy, no?

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been working on. I’m hoping the campaign is good to me this time because it would be awesome to consider myself a hybrid author. That is an author that is both self-published and traditionally published. If you’d like to assist in that dream, please consider nominating Turn on Kindle Scout today! Also, be sure to tell all your friends and family to do so as well. Hell, why not just tell everyone, regardless if you know them or not, that Turn NEEDS to find a home with Amazon! Id’ thank you forever and a day.

Turn, The Title of my W.I.P.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted to my blog, but I’ve been busy! I’ve been busy creating a brand new world which will consist of its very own Trilogy!

Late last year, I got the idea for the story, and I haven’t come up for a breath since. The project is called The Humanity’s Edge Trilogy, and book one is so very close to being complete.

Turn has been through several rewrites already, as well as its first pass through editing. I am mid-way through its fourth rewrite, and as soon as that’s complete, it’ll be on its way back for content editing.

Book two of the trilogy (titled Detour) is mostly written and will follow the same process as Turn did in quick succession. Book three (titled Reversion) is outlined but is still a true work in progress.

Now, for some exciting news about the project: I’m going to be submitting it to Kindle Scout, just as I did with The Hunted Assassin last year. With any luck, the fine folks at Amazon will get behind the project, and it will see so many more eyes than I could provide for it on my own.

And until all that happens, here’s a snippet from the first book. Please enjoy Chapter One (unedited) of Turn, Book One of The Humanities Edge Trilogy.

Chapter 1

Darcy scrambled up the hayloft ladder, an entire kaleidoscope of butterflies fluttering deep inside her. She could feel the scratchy straw beneath her fingers as she gripped each rung, but she didn’t mind. She was breathless, her knees quick to bend and snap back. Far below, she felt Caleb’s eyes watching her ass, gauging the darkness beneath her skirt where her legs met. The moment she reached the top, she whirled around, her dark hair skimming over her eyes. She blinked toward him.

“Are you coming up, or are you too scared?” she taunted, tilting an exposed shoulder toward him.

Caleb laughed, his broad, quarterback shoulders shaking slightly. A bit of 18-year-old five o clock shadow dusted his cheeks and upper lip. His eyes gleamed with lust for her.

“You sure you want to do this?” he asked her, raising a thick eyebrow high.

“Just come on, before my dad hears us,” Darcy sighed. She beckoned, allowing him to see an inch of cleavage before ripping herself back toward the hay bales in the loft, listening as he climbed.

The pair had left the football game only thirty minutes before, speeding out across the dirt roads and toward her father’s farm, ditching their friends and their typical pizza joint. This night was different. It sizzled with something special.

When Caleb finally appeared in the hayloft, his face glinted in the moonlight, a slight gash beneath his right eye; a memento from the game. Darcy reached toward him, touching it delicately with her thumb. “Caleb, I didn’t think they hit you so hard,” she whispered, breathless. The moment she touched him, the tension between them broke, and he turned toward her, catching her lips with his.

The moment they began kissing, she wrapped her arms around his shoulders, feeling the force of his upper arms and back muscles. She allowed herself to forget about her father, only twenty yards away, reading in the farmhouse. She was a young woman, brimming with endless sexuality. In a moment, she felt Caleb’s fingers attack her cardigan’s buttons, ripping the top ones apart.

She broke the kiss, looking at him with misty, doe eyes. “Oh, Caleb,” she whispered.

“What?” he asked her. His lips were red from the passion of their kisses.

“It’s just—it’s different this time. It feels like—like maybe—” she shook her head, the single word tickling along her tongue. “It feels like maybe I’m in love with you.”

Caleb didn’t move. He still held her tightly, looking at her with sure eyes. “I love you, too,” he said. His voice was deep, gruff. Almost like a hero’s in an old movie.

As Darcy leaned in closer to him, to catch him in a kiss once more, she noted that his eyes suddenly looked out behind her, toward the field and the pine-covered hills beyond. His jaw dropped, and his arms swept around Darcy, almost in a tackle.

“Holy shit, Darcy. Look!” He pointed toward the open bay door in the loft, inhaling sharply.

Darcy frowned slightly before turning toward Caleb’s extended arm. There, in the distance, was the most remarkable shooting star she’d ever seen. She slipped from Caleb’s embrace, feeling her breasts strain against her unbuttoned cardigan. She felt Caleb appear beside her as they crept toward the open window, watching as the shooting star seemed to burn light upon the dark, pine-covered hills. The field turned bright orange.

“It looks like it’s getting closer. But that’s impossible,” Darcy whispered, shaking her head. “It must be a million miles away.”

But Caleb took a step back, grasping Darcy’s hand. “Darcy. No. It’s coming right for us,” he said, his voice cracking.

Darcy stared into his eyes, the moment filled with tension and fear. She shot a fleeting glance back toward the shooting star, seeing that, sure enough, it was bearing toward them. It was now only about thirty feet above the trees that skirted around the field. It seemed like a bull’s eye. Like it knew they were there, waiting.

“WE HAVE TO RUN!” Caleb shouted, shooting his arm around Darcy’s small waist. “Come ON!”

But Darcy’s mind was too far away. She suddenly felt outside of herself, floating in the stars above. She thought she could even feel the heat from the streaming orb, shining against her cheeks. “It’s beautiful,” she whispered, her pupils drowning out her pale blue eyes. “And besides,” she said, as the star whizzed closer, “if we run away now, my dad will see us. He’ll know we were about to—”

“IT DOESN’T MATTER. NOT IF WE DIE.” Caleb thrust her toward the ladder they’d only just climbed, launching her over the edge and toward the mammoth haystack below. As Darcy fell, her hair swept back. She was flying, feeling the rush of the shooting star in her ears in the moments before she landed.

Immediately after Caleb threw Darcy from the loft, he turned briefly, curiosity running through him. Just as he spun, the meteorite made its final plunge toward the barn and crashed directly into the hayloft. It struck Caleb’s chest—dead center—blasting him through the air and to the ground, nearly fifteen feet below.

He died instantly.

Far below the wreckage in the hayloft, Darcy lay still. Smoke filtered from the barn. The sky was dark, without stars. And the meteorite steamed in the dirt.



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November FREE Short Story

tilted-fullToday is the last Friday of the month. What makes this Friday so special is that the last (for the year) of the FREE short stories has just gone out to my Readers Group! This blog post will be the companion for that short story in case anyone would like to leave a review of the story.

This month’s story is titled: Tilted, and is a self-narration from the protagonist/hero, as he copes with too much shit on a stick, as he would say. Here’s the blurb:

A self-proclaimed geek—with a penchant for cheerleaders—struggles through a particularly unpleasant day, filled with one misfortune after another. After narrowly avoiding expulsion, Chester skips school and takes refuge at a local arcade. As he tries to mentally bolster his collapsing disposition, the pixelated spaceships take more than just his last game life. Filled with despair, he returns to the scene of the early morning incident in an effort to right his wrongs.

antho2That story will finish off the inclusions into my latest publication: An Anthology of Short Stories: Winter 2016, which just went on pre-order over at Amazon. The anthology includes the last six short stories that I’d been sending out to my newsletter, as well as the first Borrowed Souls book, titled: The Soul Collector. Trying not to toot my own horn, here, but these short stories have been some of my best writing. I am beyond excited to hear what everyone thinks about them. And if you’ve been reading those stories from month to month, you’ll soon be able to post your thoughts and reviews on Amazon shortly. Just as soon as the print book goes live, you’ll be able to do so. Or, you can wait until the ebook goes live on December 27th. Either way, I hope you will share your thoughts with everyone else.

Lastly, there will be another blog post coming up on Monday. It’ll be a HUGE ‘cyber’ post, if you catch my drift.

October FREE Short Story

msk-1It’s the last Friday of the month, and that means a new short story just went out to my newsletter subscribers. This blog post will be a companion to the newsletter.

This month’s story is called My Sister’s Keeper. It’s a paranormal story about two siblings that have a much stronger connection than just their familial ties. Here’s the blurb:

When Stuart discovers that his physical touch has far more implications than just the sensation of feeling, he goes to immeasurable lengths to save his fraternal twin sister, Alice, from a tragic fate that is out of her control.

As per usual with my stories lately, it has a tragic ending … but a new beginning at the very same time. The story finished up around 3,000 words. It is a standalone story at this time, but I’ve already been asked to carry it on further with one of the characters. Perhaps, in the future, that might happen. But for now, it’ll be a great addition to the year-end anthology I have planned. Now, if you’re a subscriber and have read it, feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

November’s short story is underway and is going to be a bit longer. It’s about a troubled teen that experiences a strange day after hearing some disturbing news. With his future in question, he copes with one bad decision after another. If you want to be in the know, be sure to get subscribed before the last Friday of October and you’ll get to read it when it’s complete.